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Use interactive dog toys

Who owns a dog and does not have food distributing games, as it is one of the games that gives the dog some mental stimulation, in addition to keeping it busy. And if you don’t know food dispensing games; It is a set of toys made of plastic or silicone that have different shapes such as a ball, a stick or a bottle. And you can fill these toys with delicious foods and give them to the dog, who begins to put them until the food rushes from them.

These toys can be made at home with simple tools such as the adorable dog bottle toy.
Do a simple obedience exercise

It is very useful for you to spend time training your dog to obey your commands. You can do a 10-minute session a day, and teach him a new thing or trick each time. This training will modify the dog’s behavior, as well as make him more obedient. At first, teach him simple commands such as: sit, stand, come, fetch, and other things that are easy for him to understand, and then you can teach him more complex things after that.
Give your dog a simple job

You can make your dog a useful item in the house, by training him to help you with daily chores. Dogs can do some housework, they can carry laundry baskets, and clean their toys. Some dogs also collect firewood and wood, and they may even prepare a pile of wood for you in the winter to become a source of warmth when used by fire.

Involving the dog in doing some of the daily tasks helps relieve his boredom. It also contributes to building trust between you and him. A dog that feels useful gains confidence in himself.
Give him a simple but not so simple job

Don’t underestimate your dog’s ability. If you give him a job, don’t make it too simple. Dogs love jobs that fulfill their breed’s inclinations, some dog breeds tend to love fetching things, and others are agile. So it is best to research the job your dog excels at by knowing his breed history. Do not make him do something trivial just to occupy his time. If the dog does not listen to what he is doing and feels its importance, he will get bored of these tasks and will not do them again.

Jobs can be games, where you can make him a maze in your yard and make something at the end of it that you ask him to bring to you. Through these games you can exhaust a lot of the dog’s mental and physical energy.
Arrange a date to play with your dog

Dogs are social animals, as they tend to be companionable and friendly with their peers, or with their human owners. If you take into account this social aspect in the nature of your dog, you must arrange a date for the dog with one of its peers in your area. Find a friend near him, and if you don’t find other dogs around, you can combine him with your friends and family in one of the interactive meetings between you. Dogs love the company of humans, and enjoy being around them, so get your friends and family to play with him. This will strengthen the bond and trust between you, and play is beneficial for the dog physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives the dog a physical exercise, and stimulates it brainally.
build a digging box

Dogs love to dig, which is their natural instinct. In the summer, when the dog wants to sleep or lie down, you find him digging a hole in the ground and sleeping in it, so that the heat of the dirt does not sting him. If your dog is a digger, make a digging box for him in your yard, bury his toys in it, and enjoy watching him look for them by digging with his hands until he finds them, and do not forget to clap for him so that he is encouraged to play again.
Get a jolly ball

Even dogs love soccer, can you believe this?! Play a football match with your dog, discover his hobby and find out if he is a strong player or not. Get him a jolly ball, the ball more durable than a regular soccer ball, and see what he does. Some dogs go crazy when they see such magical toys for them. You may be tempted to play it alone, but when you share the match it will be more exciting.