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Why do dogs like to drink toilet water?

You may be very surprised when you see your dog rushing to the toilet to drink from it, leaving behind his bowl full of clean water. But this amazement will not last long when you know what are the reasons why your dog prefers drinking from the toilet water than drinking from his bowl filled with clean water. It is disgusting to us, to see our dogs drinking from the toilet, when, on the contrary, they are enjoying it. But what is the fun in drinking water from the toilet?!
Reasons for dogs drinking from the toilet

Did someone offer you a glass of cold water on a hot day and you said to him: Sorry, I do not want!! of course not. And that’s exactly what toilet water is for your dog. It’s like a cold glass of water on a hot day, which certainly doesn’t come back. But what makes toilet water better for dogs than water filled in a bowl?! To answer this question, let us introduce you to the reasons why toilet water is better for dogs!!
toilet water cooler

One of the most common reasons why your dog prefers to drink toilet water is because the water in the toilet is cold. Every time the toilet is flushed, the water is renewed, and it remains cool and fresh. A porcelain toilet also keeps the water colder than a plastic dog bowl. So when the dog is given the choice between drinking cold toilet water or drinking his warm water bowl, of course he will choose cold water.
Toilet water freshness

It can be hard to come to terms with the fact that one of the reasons dogs drink toilet water is that the toilet water is fresher than the water in the bowl. yes! Water that remains in the bowl for a day or two, may be unattractive to dogs. This is because dogs tend to avoid drinking stagnant water because they are more susceptible to contamination. And when choosing between water that stays in the bowl for a day or two or drinking the replenishing toilet water, many dogs will rush to drink from the toilet.
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Dogs don’t like standing water

When the water remains in the bowl for a day or two in the dog bowl, it becomes stagnant. Then it becomes a breeding ground for harmful and disease-causing bacteria and germs. Therefore, the dog is attracted to drinking from the toilet water that is always fresh. Although it is not optimal for dogs to drink from the toilet, for them it is the best option.

Here’s a surprise! Did you know that toilet water is probably cleaner and fresher than the water you put in your dog’s bowl! This is what was found by a study that confirmed that toilet water contains fewer bacteria than other bathroom surfaces. Compared to the number of times we clean the dog’s water bowl, the toilet water may be cleaner and fresher because it is replenished with each flush of the toilet water.
Your dog’s bowl is dirtier than you think

This is a fact! In 2011, one of the national drainage institutions in one of the developed countries conducted a study on household appliances used in the house, to determine the most places that contain high levels of pollution. They tested contamination levels of bacteria and fungi, including salmonella and coliform, on all household items.

Surprisingly, the toilet was not in the list of the top 10 places with germs. But the fourth place in the list of the most polluted places in the house is the pet bowl, including the dog bowl. The kitchen sponge came in first place in terms of the percentage of bacteria and germs contamination, as it was proven that 33% of the sponge used for cleaning in the kitchen is infected with Escherichia coli. Pet toys also ranked seventh in terms of germ contamination.
How to clean a dog’s water bowl

After we learned how the dog water bowl got the fourth place in terms of the percentage of contamination with bacteria and germs, it became necessary to know the most effective ways to get rid of germs contaminating the bowl. The old-fashioned method of washing the bowl with soap and water alone may not be effective in killing germs. Therefore, we will use new methods of cleaning the bowl to try to completely get rid of the bacteria contaminating the bowl.

One of these two methods is to put the bowl in the dishwasher, if the bowl is made of plastic or porcelain and ceramic. Dishwashing is one of the most effective ways to kill germs. Hot water alone is enough to kill the bacteria in a dog’s bowl. That’s why a dishwasher is the best way to eliminate germs, as it’s hard to get 140 degrees Fahrenheit of hot water other than in a dishwasher.

The other way is to wash the bowl with soapy water using a sponge. But making sure to clean it well, by soaking it and then placing it in the microwave for two minutes every two days. You can scrub the bowl well from the inside using liquid soap, adding hot water to it once a day.

Remember, always soaking the sponge in water before placing it in the microwave will remove more than 99% of the pathogens in the sponge.