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What size dog is right for me?

What size dog is right for me?

Deciding on the size of a dog to adopt can be very complicated. However, putting a little effort into investigation and spending some time thinking can go a long way in helping you make the right decision! We are here today in order to help you answer some of the questions you ask yourself, and to demystify the most common questions about the right size of the dog that will bring happiness and joy in the corners of your home.

The person who wants to adopt a dog at home usually goes to the pet shelter, and you will often find them asking for a dog from the owners of the shelter saying, “I am looking for a small dog” and rarely will you find someone who says “I am looking for a large dog” if you Chance One day, as you talk to the staff of pet shelters and rescue organizations and to rescue volunteers in many other organizations, you will know that it is very difficult to adopt larger and older dogs. Size is, of course, one of the factors that a conscious dog adopter considers when searching among pets to find the dog they are looking for. In the following lines, we put in your hands some questions that you should ask yourself to know the appropriate size of the dog that you will decide to adopt.
1 – How much weight can you lift?

Imagine what happens if your adoptive dog ever gets injured and you have to take him to your car or take him in a taxi to the vet’s office, will his weight make you able to take him there? Or are you going to put it on a sheet and ask a neighbor to come help you carry it?
2 – How strong are you?

Even a well-trained dog can get overzealous at times, and might slip off the traction chain and run off relentlessly, as if he had seen a cat or a squirrel and ran off across the road! What I mean here is that you have to be strong enough to be able to hold the dog’s leash, for the safety of the dog on the one hand – and the squirrel or cat on the other!
3 – Do you rent a whole house to live in, or do you live in an apartment in a building that is subject to the rules imposed by the residents’ association in the building?

Some landlords or homeowners’ associations place weight restrictions on the issue. In this case, the adoption of larger dogs will reduce the possibilities of renting, and this is exactly the case with multiple pets and of certain breeds. First you have to study what your current living situation is, and you have to ask yourself: What will it be like for the life of the new dog you want to adopt?
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4 – How much money can you save to buy a dog?

Bigger dogs eat more food! Therefore, you have to choose from a number of puppies that are the most active, the youngest, and those that are still developing. Plus, larger dog supplies (such as collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, and coats) are more expensive to buy as well.
5 – How much space do you have for a dog?

This is the most important point of our topic today! Larger dogs don’t need much more “space” than a small dog does – except when you share a bed or sofa with them! Also, a dog’s energy level is a more accurate indicator of how much “space” a dog needs in the yard and indoors for running and playing activities.

There may be a lady who adopts a Great Dane and lives with her happily in a house in the middle of a ‘small’ town. This dog has his own sofa at home and goes with his owner on three short walks each day, has a modest level of energy, and finds him extremely satisfied.

You may find this lady’s neighbor who lives in a house of the same size, has a Jack Russell dog that keeps jumping on walls and needs many hours to spend in the dog park every day to be happy! And the amount of energy isn’t just determined by breed, of course – but age is an important factor.

We hope these five questions and their answers above will help you find a dog the right size for you!

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