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Why do dogs go crazy after bathing?! - elwarsh
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Why do dogs go crazy after bathing?!

Dogs are not self-cleaning pets, so they are not always ready to groom and bathe. Dogs may prefer to stay on their own dirt rather than fight a bath. Although some dogs are tolerant of bathing, they are not necessarily keen on hygiene, as many puppies become stressed and anxious while bathing. So when she’s done bathing, she’s like a prisoner released after decades. No sooner does she get out of the bathtub than she starts running and jogging in the yard and gets into a frenzy of hyperactivity. It may roll on the ground as if it had been hit by a madness.

Pet professionals call this a “zoom” or a period of random, frantic activity, and dog owners call them crazy energy fits. If you see your dog go from a standing position to a sprint, you are in a state of “zoom”. But why does the dog get this condition after being bathed?! Is it really the only reason for this situation is the dogs feeling absolutely free after the bathing session that they hate? There are some reasons that may lead to this condition, which are: Related Articles Dogs feel comfortable after bathing When you have a phobia of elevators, and you have to ride daily in the work elevator that breaks down continuously, how do you feel when you get out of it every time?! Of course, the adrenaline hormones flow in your body and make you excited, and you want to scream and say you did it!!

This is how the dog is after bathing. You may find your dog loves to swim in lakes and rivers, and you may see him enjoy playing in streams and waterfalls, but when it comes to bathing, the situation is completely different. Dogs view grooming sessions as a tedious and stressful process, so when you release them from the bathtub, they go crazy with their relief. Dogs try to get their own scent back Who does not love the refreshing scent of shampoo?! Scents give a feeling of liveliness and activity, and have a strong role in making you feel relaxed and calm. Just as humans differ in choosing their distinct scents, dogs have their own scent.

You may prefer the smell of oatmeal shampoo to the smell of dirt, but your dog has another taste. Unlike you, dogs love the scent of dirt, mud and grime, so they work to get it back by bouncing around in the ground after a shower. We all know that the dog is distinguished by its strong sense of smell, as it exceeds the human sense of smell about 10,000 times. And a dog that distinguishes things by their smell, it is natural that he does not give up his smell so easily and replace it with the smell of shampoo.

The scent of dogs has a history dating back thousands of years, as their ancestors covered their bodies with the scent of corpses, dirt and excrement so they could sneak up on their prey. This was also the wolves’ ploy to pass on information to their mates in the pack. The scent acts as a message saying, “Hey, look where you’ve been,” or “Hey, check out this scent you found and rolled around.” Therefore, the smell of the dog has a special place for him, and the smell of shampoo or soap does not dispense with it.

So as soon as he loses it in a shower, he sees him rolling on the floor in the house and in the yard trying to get his signature scent back. Zoom mode helps with drying After you bathe your dog, rubbing it and then rinsing it completely with soap, start rubbing the dog well with towels or put it in its crate until it dries completely. And if you use a machine dryer, you should choose a high-quality dryer to ensure that your dog is dry from the water. When the dog feels wet, he starts rubbing his body with furniture and on the carpet until his body is dry.

The state of zooming after bathing helps him dry his body, as he does it also when his body gets wet with water in the rain. Dogs don’t like their bodies wet, so be sure to dry your dog well after bathing. Release pent-up energy in dogs Lots of dogs tolerate grooming and washing, but that doesn’t really mean they like it. If you look into your dog’s eyes while you bathe him, you see the look of sadness inside them. Bathing causes a state of fear and anxiety in dogs. If you are in a stressful situation, both physically and psychologically, your mind will not stop thinking about the date of salvation. Your heart may tell you to flee, but your mind forces your body to stay. And this is the case of the dog, he trusts you and remains motionless, but in his heart he feels upset and depressed.

So when dogs get rid of this painful situation for them, this energy quickly comes out in a state of frenzy, running, jumping and rolling, as they have pent-up nervous energy. Water getting into the dog’s ear Why do dogs get crazy and hyperactive after bathing? One of the reasons why dogs zoom in after a shower may be due to water entering their ears. As we know that a dog’s ears are erect, so they are prone to getting a lot of water in. If your dog buries his ears in towels, or rubs them in carpets, his ears may be full of water. Clean his ears with a dry towel from the inside, and use cotton balls while bathing so that water does not get in them.

Tips for a calm and relaxing bath Bathing a dog remains a daunting task for many dog ​​owners. In this part of the article, we have collected for you some tips that will help you make the shower pass safely. You should follow the following: Help your dog to trust you with movements such as touching his paws and petting his ears. And if you can open his mouth a few times a day that would be a good thing, as some dogs won’t allow it. Accustom the dog to

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